Available in 11 different colours from the Select fabric range. 

Patina is designing with nature to achieve beauty with performance. The white flecks scattered across the surface are created by the flax content, just as the flowers would appear in the fields from which it is grown. By allowing its natural beauty to shine through, we’ve ensured that Patina is truly at home in its new habitat - the office.





69% Wool, 22% Flax, 8% Polyamide, 1% Viscose

Certified to the EU Ecolabel
Certified to Indoor Advantage™ "Gold"
Contains wool and bast fibre
Non metallic dyestuffs

330 g/m2 ±5%

Abrasion Resistance
Heavy duty / 10 year guarantee. Independently certified to ≥100,000 Martindale cycles

EN 1021 - 1&2 Cigarette & Match
BS 7176 Low Hazard
BS 5852 Ignition Source 5
BS 7176 Medium Hazard
ÖNORM B 3825 & A 3800-1 (58 kg/m3 CMHR Foam)
UNI 9175 Classe 1 IM
BS 5867-2: Type B Curtains & Drapes

Light fastness
5 (ISO 105 - B02)

Fastness to rubbing
Wet: 3, Dry: 4 (ISO 105 - X12)

Vacuum regularly. Wipe with a damp cloth using soap and water or use proprietary upholstery shampoo. For deeper cleaning use steam or professionally dry clean. Full details can be found in our cleaning and disinfection guide.

10 Years

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