£145 + VAT per assessment

The aim of a workstation assessment is to examine the health and safety aspects of the work carried out, in particular in terms of possible physical discomfort or stress which, if left unchecked, could cause ill health or exacerbate pre-existing conditions.

The cost will include carrying out the assessments/training on site, preparing a report with detailed recommendations and all travel and incidental expenses. See below for further details of the assessment process.

Our workstation assessment/training covers the following issues:

 - The personal and physical qualities of the user such as height, weight, build etc.
 - The location of the workstation and the general work environment.
 - The work surface layout and dimensions.
 - The display screen and its associated equipment.
 - The workload of the operator.
 - The chair, which must be stable, in good repair and have sufficient adjustment to enable the user to achieve and maintain a comfortable position.  The chair must also meet British Standards with regards to design, construction and fire retardancy.

Once we arrive at the employee’s workplace I will:

 - Identify our self, providing ID.
 - Explain the format of the assessment/training and reassure the client concerning confidentiality and disclosure policies.
 - Carry out the workplace assessment/training this will also include a confidential discussion with the employee(s) regarding any relevant medical problems that may be affecting their ability to do their job safely and in comfort.
 - Once the assessment/training is completed we will provide immediate advice and training where appropriate and make any minor adjustments to equipment positioning, which would have immediate benefit. Should the employee(s) need it we will also recommend minor items of equipment such as footstools, document holders etc.  We will endeavour to answer any questions or queries that the employee(s) may have.
 - Explain what happens after the assessment and give an indication of the possible timescale.

Once the assessment is completed:

 - We will complete the assessment form, this will contain a record of all the information obtained at the time of the assessment and will identify where necessary the equipment, resources and adjustments recommended and a justification for their recommendation.
 - The report will be sent to you within 10 working days of the assessment-taking place.

Once we have forwarded the report:

 - We will contact you within 5 working days to confirm receipt of the report and take the opportunity to provide any follow-up advice or information, which may be required.

The Regulations set out a number of criteria relating to workstations including general recommendations on features for:
 - DSE screens.
 - DSE keyboards.
 - Desktops.
 - Seating.
 - Environmental Factors i.e. glare, noise and lighting.