KAB Seating confirms the following in respect of its guarantee on all current products.

  • All product is supplied fit for purpose, as stated on the specifications
  • All product meets the stated technical specification current at the end of manufacture
  • All products will normally provide up to five year usage on General Office use and up to two years for 24-Hour usage providing:
  • Regular cleaning has been carried out by the end user (as specified in the Trim Selector cleaning guide )
  • Furniture has not been subjected to continuous usage i.e. shift usage (applies to general office use only)
  • Furniture has only been subjected to normal ‘wear and tear’
  • Furniture has not been subjected to misuse or abuse and is regularly maintained

We reserve the right for our technical staff to investigate on site any claim arising from this product guarantee.

KAB Seating Warranty Statement:
“The Company’s liability in respect of any defect in or failure of goods supplied is limited to replacing or (at it’s option) repairing or paying for the repair for replacement of goods that are found to be defective by reason of faulty or incorrect design, workmanship, parts or materials.”